Realize a whole other world that exists within the interiority of your imaginative mind. Learn how to run your energy and clear the debris from your energy field to gain mastery over your multifaceted Self. In these private or small group courses, students learn how to ground the body and open up "clear-seeing" abilities.

In the process of discovery, students learn how to read information in the form of pictures, symbols and colors, and begin to distinguish what is theirs from what is not.  Methods and tools are acquired to clear the space that surrounds you, and bring in more of your own unique energy signature.

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More advanced students will learn how to do subtle energy healing on themselves, loved ones and pets. With discipline and practice, one begins to reorient awareness, and the subtle senses open up creating a feeling of presence that is both soothing and invigorating. Gradually, as students clear their space, they will begin to recognize and act upon a type of certainty and wisdom that is unique to their own soul's library.